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How Much is My Junk Car Worth?

How Much is My Junk Car Worth?

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At Sell Us Your Car, we go all-out to be the leading junk car buyer in Arizona. We pay cash when we pick up your dilapidated vehicle.

Tens-of-thousands of Arizonans have trusted SUYC to pay top-dollar when getting rid of their rust-buckets!

With over 15 years of experience buying and selling cars, you can trust SUYC always makes an honest offer and conducts straightforward business dealings.

We offer the most competitive pricing in Arizona for jalopies. If you have a clunker collecting rust that you want to get paid crisp hundred dollar bills for, click the button below to see how much your vehicle is worth!

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Our Phoenix scrapyard processes over 200 vehicles every week and our vehicle compactor is always hungry for more!
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Junk Cars

Have a junker taking up space that you want to get rid of? If so, click here to see how much your car’s worth!
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Used Cars

In addition to buying clunkers, SUYC buys and sells used cars. Contact our team today for a cash offer on your used car.
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Metal Recycling

We collect scrap metal that we pull from cars, including steel, aluminum, and lead, then send it to a refinery to be recycled.
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Nothing goes to waste when recycling cars and all good condition parts are pulled to be assessed and resold.
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Vehicle Removal

Have a junk car on your property that needs to go? Give us a call, we’ll gladly send out a truck to tow away an abandoned vehicle.
Customer Review Gary
Customer Review Gary

“Can’t thank these guys enough! I found myself in a pinch and needed cash in a hurry so I decided to sell a beat up old pickup that had been sitting in my yard for decades. After calling around, Sell Us Your Car made me the best offer and they were able to buy my car that same day!”

– Gary P. Mesa, AZ

Customer Review Cecilia
Customer Review Cecilia

“My crappy POS Saturn clunker finally gave up on me and it would’ve cost way to much to try and repair. A friend of mind told me about ‘cash for cars’ companies and I couldn’t believe that someone would be willing to buy my car! Anyways, I got $450 and put it towards a downpayment on a new truck.”

– Cecilia G. Peoria, AZ

Customer Review Vinny
Customer Review Vinny

“I love working with Jason and the guys over at Sell Us Your Car! My dad and I have been doing business with them for nearly 10 years. If you’re looking to get a fair price for your junker, these are the guys to go to. I trust them and so can you.”

– Vinny S. Phoenix, AZ

Selling Your Junk Vehicle

Over 15 million vehicles in the U.S. reach their end-of-life each year. At this stage, most owners consider these cars useless or outdated, specifically in terms of functionality and appearance. In some cases, the car may also have significant damages beyond repair. While not all, owners often leave these cars to rot in their garage, or worse, in a public parking area.
Little do people know that these vehicles, commonly called junk cars, may still be usable after repair. However, if the repair cost is higher than the car’s original or resale value, selling it could be the best option. In addition, selling junk cars helps owners avoid fines, free up space in the garage, avoid health risks, and become environmentally responsible.

Whatever the reason, most owners want to get the most money out of selling a junk car. However, we understand that the car selling process can get confusing. In this article, we are giving you a detailed guide on how to sell a junk car.

Requirements for Selling Your Vehicle

Do You Have a Junker?

Before buying your vehicle, Sell Us Your Car will examine it to determine whether it qualifies as a junk car. A vehicle usually qualifies as “junk” when it is severely damaged, has damaged interior or exterior, has a failed engine, transmission, or other major component.

Another reason a car may be junked is if it fails to pass emission’s inspection numerous times. Secondly, if a car’s value is less than $500, it may be considered scrap. Cars parked in an unauthorized place for a long time must also be removed, as these cars may already have mechanical problems.

Do You Have the Title & Registration?

Depending on the state, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) may have different documentary requirements to sell a car. The most important document is the car title since it proves legal ownership of a vehicle. It contains the owner’s complete name, address, and vehicle identification number (VIN).

We do not require the VIN here at Sell Us Your Car, but this information is useful for accurately estimating the value of your vehicle.

If you can’t find your title but still have the registration papers, you can present them to us instead, as it should contain the car owner’s name. If you have neither of these requirements, we can also help you find other workarounds. For example, our team can assist you in requesting the reissue of said documents from the DMV.

After securing the necessary documents, Sell Us Your Car will follow up with an assessment to ensure the vehicle is legally yours, has no record of lien against it, and can be legally purchased.

Vehicle Value Assessments & Offers

Make, Model & Year

In general, the car’s year, make, and model determines the demand for its parts. However, as more car parts are becoming more plastic than metal each year, newer car parts may be less valuable, while older car parts may either be worthless or prized. To determine the value of your junk car, contact us today to get an accurate appraisal.

Overall Vehicle Condition

Normally, a clean and damage-free car has a higher value than its rusty and clunky counterparts. But even if your car looks like junk on the outside, as long as the scrap metals and major components are in good condition, you still have a high chance of earning good money.

After finalizing the value of your car, we will send you a quote within a few hours, often as quick as 10 minutes.

This time frame includes a screening phone call, where we will discuss whether your car qualifies as junk and if you possess any necessary requirements. However, the quote becomes invalid after 48 hours since the market changes quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Choose My Preferred Day & Time for Pick-Up?
If our assessment produces a cash offer, and you accept our offer, we can complete the transaction as soon as you’re available. The Sell Us Your Car crew will arrive at your driveway on time, according to your agreed schedule. Best of all, rather than you driving out and hauling your car to our location, we are happy to pick up your junk car for free!
How Fast Can I Get Paid?
Once we’ve picked up your car, we will pay you in cash on the spot. We are eliminating the hassle of having to deposit a check or wait for a transfer. From contacting us to receiving your money, everything is designed for your convenience.
Do You Recycle Car Parts?
After receiving your car, our experts extract the valuable parts, including the catalytic converters, tires, and other in-demand components. Unlike scrapyards, Sell Us Your Car does not throw away valuable parts. They are either sold to specialized recyclers or sent to metal buyers. For example, all metal parts go to metal processing plants. The recycled metals, which typically include aluminum and steel, can then be repurposed into other products.
How Much is My Scrap Car Worth?
If you want to know how much your clunker may be worth, simply use our online junk car calculator to assess your vehicle and provide an instant dollar amount.
How Do I Sell an Abandoned Car Without a Title?
Selling a vehicle without a title can be challenging. Obviously, you need to own the car. This requires having a Bill of Sale. To obtain this you need to prove that the vehicle is not stolen, has no liens against it, and it might require a bonded title for insurance purposes.

Needless to say that this is time-consuming to do and there will likely be associated fees with obtaining a new title from the MVD.

How to Get Rid of a Junk Car Without a Title?
Cars are well-regulated by the government because they have such potential to cause damage to people and property if not handled properly. This is why you need to keep a bunch of records for every vehicle. However, what if you have lost the title to the rusting, stationary remains of what was once your go-to vehicle? Such a vehicle likely meets the definition of a “junk car.” Luckily, there is a process for selling a unwanted vehicles without a title that is defined by the Arizona Motor Vehicles Division (MVD).
Is a Stationary Car a 'Junk Car'?
If your vehicle has not moved in a long time (like since college) then it is likely to be inoperable and given how older cars are less reliable, less safe, and pollute more than modern ones, your car is likely a junker, good for recycling at a scrapyard.
Is a Damaged Car a 'Junk Car'?
This is less about dings and dents and more about missing parts, like a door, or an engine, or tires. Is there rust? If you see rust, chances are there is a lot more that you do not see hidden away. Are the windows broken? Junkers are useless piles of metal that take up space in your yard and are likely not worth being salvaged, so again a damaged card (depending on the condition, make, and model) is likely destined to be recycled.
Is a Car Without Paperwork Considered 'Junk'?
Chances are no, considering the title of this article. Lacking the vehicle title is a hassle to replace and considering the state your vehicle is in, it is likely not worth your opportunity cost in time and associated MVD fees to re-title this car. Cars without all the requisite paperwork to legally drive with insurance are good candidates for the label “junk cars.”
Is My Car a Junker or Can I Sell it Used?
Unless the vehicle is less than three years old, it is likely impossible for it to be considered anything other than used in the best of circumstances. Cars are machines that are meant to be used – not driving your car with frequency is not good for maximizing its useful lifespan. If you have not driven the vehicle since the 20th century, your car is likely junk.