Troubled about your car constantly breaking down? Stressing over the incessant auto repair costs breaking your savings? Those are tell-tale signs that your vehicle is way past its prime. It might be better to bid your old car goodbye when this happens. Selling your auto to a dealer or a junk buyer lets you get rid of that big lump of metal for hard cash. But can you proceed with the car sale without a title?

What is a Car Title?

A car title is often dubbed as one, if not the most, important legal document attached to a vehicle. It is a certificate issued by the state establishing proof of ownership for a car and providing the necessary information involving the same, such as the year, make, and model of the vehicle, odometer reading, and other valuable details.

Having a car title in your name is equivalent to declaring you are the legal owner of a car and therefore have the right to possess, use, enjoy, and alienate the same at your liking.

Where to Get A Car Title in Arizona?

Under Arizona law, any resident who buys or sells a car is required to apply for a title transfer at any Arizona Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) office within 15 days following the sale.

If you choose to contract with a private buyer, you will generally need to accomplish all the titling and registration processes by yourself. On the other hand, employing a car dealer will relieve you from that obligation. Most car dealers here in AZ handle the car title transfer process and registration. You may choose to transact with the latter if you want to ditch the hassles that come with car titling and registration.

Can I Sell My Junk Car For Cash With No Title?

The short answer is no. There are corresponding penalties that arise when you fail to register your car and apply for a title in the manner provided under the law. Still, this doesn’t mean that you cannot enter into legal sales unless and until you present a title transfer to the interested buyer.

As mentioned earlier, most car dealers and junk car buyers already handle the necessary paperwork for completing a car sale, including accomplishing the title transfer, registering the car, and more. This lets owners sell their vehicles without a title on hand on the condition that dealers themselves will be the ones to handle and accomplish such obligations.

4 Steps to selling a car without a title

If you don’t have your vehicle’s title in-hand, you can try one of these methods.

1. Identify who buys junk cars without a title near you

Not all dealers handle the necessary paperwork to complete a valid car sale on behalf of their customers. You will need to find companies that expressly offer such a type of service. You can spot responsible dealers and car junk buyers willing to handle it all for you through a quick online search. You may also personally ask the nearest car buying businesses in your area to know if they buy junk cars without the need for a title. Your friends and colleagues may also direct you to an experienced car dealer who will buy your junk car and handle the titling and registration processes.

Overall, it all boils down to your research skills and connections. You may also check out what we offer here at Sell Us Your Car. We buy junk cars with no title.

2. Contact a reputable dealer and get a quote

After identifying a few reputable dealers near you that accept old cars without a title, it’s time to get in touch with them. They will generally tell you what they need and how they can get things done for you. Be sure to inform them that you don’t possess a title over your auto.

If you’re satisfied, ask for a quote. To give you a proper valuation, most dealers will only need a few important details about your vehicle, such as the car year, make, and mode.

Try to contact at least three junk car buyers and compare their prices. Which offers the highest bid? Are they experienced enough to know the intricacies of the whole titling and registration process? Once you’ve set up your mind, lock the deal and bid your old auto goodbye.

3. Schedule your preferred pick-up time

The next step is to set up a pick-up time that is most convenient for you. Many junk car buyers offer this service for free. Be sure to get a reputable dealer that will come to pick up your car without demanding any additional cost.

4. Get paid

Getting the full payment for your car will close the sale. The whole process should be fast and easy. The buyer will pick up your auto and give you cash right away.

Why Choose Sell Us Your Car

Selling your old vehicle isn’t supposed to be a challenge. With or without a title, we are willing to buy most junk cars for a considerable price! We’ve been buying vehicles for over 15 years now. We know exactly what to do to complete a legal and binding auto sale. Just leave everything to us. We only need you to provide the necessary details about your vehicle, such as its location, year, make, model, and condition, to help us give a fair valuation.