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How Do I Know if My Car is a Junker?

Not everyone trades in their vehicle every two to three years. Sometimes, you drive a car until it just gets too old to be a viable trade-in. It might not even be worth trying to sell to a teenager who needs a vehicle to travel around.

So, how do you know what to do with it? Should you junk it or try to earn a few more dollars? Here are some questions you can ask yourself to determine whether your automobile is ready for the salvage yard or not.

Does it run?

Can it be fixed?

How much is the vehicle worth if it were in good running condition?

Would it cost more to repair it than it’s worth?

How much body damage does it have?

Over $1,000 of body damage is probably too much to invest in an older vehicle.

Does it have a salvage title?

A salvage title means your automobile has been identified as a total loss by the insurance company because it’s had so much damage that it isn’t worth repairing. It could be challenging to find a mechanic to make repairs or to find a buyer if your car is salvaged.

If you can’t get your vehicle running or if it costs more to repair than it’s worth, you probably have a junk car.

Why You Should Sell a Junk Car

If you’re on the fence whether to sell your junker or not, here are some compelling reasons to pull the trigger.

#1 The Fix’r Upp’r is Taking Up Space

Do you have an old car parked in your driveway or garage? Maybe you’re attached to it because it was your first car or had some other sentimental value. Every time you look at it, you think to yourself, I’m going to fix her up soon as I get the money and time; I don’t want to junk my car.

But the truth is, you know how hard it is to restore an old car. Just face it, your faded/peeling (racing red was in?) 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix just won’t make the cut. Why spend thousands of dollars maintaining or restoring an old vehicle when you could get cash for a car by selling it?

If it costs more to fix than the vehicle’s current value, it is time to consider it a junk car. A car that doesn’t run is of little interest to a used auto dealer, so scrapping the car for cash is the best option. Have some extra money, and forget about it. This is how to get rid of an old car that doesn’t run!

#2 City Ordinances & HOA Fines

Avoid being fined – If you have an old vehicle parked anywhere except a building code-compliant driveway, you could be violating city ordinances and be fined. Not to mention lowering your property value by having it look like a junkyard. Also, if your car is unregistered, the police can tow it, impound it, and cite you for a junk car that you can get rid of for cash.

City ordinances can be very strict. Take Scottsdale, Arizona, for example, requirements for parking a vehicle. Get out your tape measure and check your driveway or parking spaces.

The Scottsdale City Council established the following:

  1. Total parking and/or driveway area shall not exceed 35% of the front yard space or 30 linear feet of lot frontage.
  2. While a vehicle is parked in a residence, it may not be used for permanent living purposes.

Additionally, any vehicle parked in a front yard must be parked in the following manner:

  • At a minimum distance of one foot from any existing sidewalk
  • At least three feet from a curb that is not a sidewalk
  • At least one foot from any lot line on each side

Generally applicable requirements for dedicated parking zones include the following:

  1. All parking and driveway areas must have a dust-free surface made of concrete, asphalt, cement, brick or sealed aggregate pavement; or three (3) inches of crushed rock.
  2. All parking and driveway spaces must be entirely enclosed inside a permanent barrier.
  3. There are no patches of grass, lawn, compacted or hard-packed soil on the dust-free surface.

You cannot park cars in your backyard or on your front lawn, or on any grass portion, even if it’s part of the property, running condition or not. Most cities in Arizona and across the country have this ordinance enacted for safety and aesthetic reasons, and you definitely don’t want the HOA squad on your case!

Most Homeowners Associations have rules about specific types of vehicles that are not permitted to be parked within the community. These vehicles often include junk vehicles, RVs, trailers, campers, boats, and similar recreational vehicles. Associations establish these regulations to safeguard property values and maintain the community’s visual appeal.

#3 Sell Your Car for Scrap

Recycling old cars is good for the environment. Old vehicles leak automotive oils and fluids. When these substances leak, they pollute the ground, air, and waterways. The annual recycling of 12 million automobiles produces enough steel for 13 million new vehicles, decreasing the demand for new raw materials.

Once you sell a junk car to us, we ensure that it’s carefully disassembled and recycled. We have assisted numerous customers with scrapping old cars. When we pick up junk cars that are no longer fit for use and recycle them, it safeguards the environment.

If you think you can scrap a car on your own, this involves stripping the automobile inside any non-metal components. You’ll need to drain or clean out all fluids, disconnect all cables, remove the engine and transmission, and remove the seats, among other things.

Even if you have a ready market for your parts, you need to properly store the stuff you take out of the car. Another factor to consider is that you’ll probably need to research how much the parts are worth. That way, when you put parts up for sale, you would understand your profit range.

Although dismantling a car and selling its parts might be more profitable than selling a car for scrap, you really wouldn’t be able to sell everything, and you end up with some big hunks of steel that you need to pay someone to move to the scrapyard. It’s the most time-consuming and labor-intensive part of (not) owning a car. Believe us, we know! Scrap car removal by professionals like Sell Us Your Car is how to get rid of a junk car!

#4 Keep Your Household Happy

Are you constantly told ‘get that old junk car out of here!’ by your significant other? Why not sell your car for cash and go on a short vacation or get that TV upgrade you’ve always wanted?

#5 Keep Everything Legal

It can no longer be driven legally. Maybe your car failed a smog test or a mechanical inspection, or you lost your driver’s license, and if the registration lapses, you can get a ticket for it.

#6 Fast Cash

If you need immediate cash, you can get it by junking your car.

#7 Hasslefree Process

SUYC tows away your junker for free, paying you cash on the spot!

With over 15 years of experience in the car buying industry, SUYC knows what your car is worth. We pay cash or in check at the time we pick up junk cars.

You can count on us to provide an honest, competitive offer when you need to get rid of an old junk car. And not just cars. We pay cash for trucks, SUVs, ATVs, or heavy equipment. We also buy bulk scrapyard vehicles.

To sell your car fast, contact us today and get paid top dollar on the spot. Cash is in your hand before you know it.

No muss, no fuss, and you won’t have to see that old clunker, jalopy, lemon, rustbucket, bucket of bolts, or whatever you call it ever again!